The Vulture Revolver Owner's Manual

The Practical Guide To Going Against The Grain With Only A Gun And High Octane American Muscle.

Do you ever wonder how some people never seem to get busted no matter what they do? Ever wonder why they have the fastest cars and the hottest girls? It's because they read The Vulture Revolver Owner's Manual. Even after just the first few pages you'll know what kind of car you need to drive and what kind of women will be begging for your love behind the wheel.

The Manual is a collection of non-linear, interconnected paragraphs that are all killer and absolutely no filler. You will choose from drag racing and stealing new rides to blasting pigs and burying yourself between the sexiest legs south of the Mason-Dixon Line. All within only a handful of pages! Do you think you're ready for a splatterpunk roadtrip like this? Be warned, even with a lightning fast car and endless carnal heat at every turn in the road, it does come at a cost. Johnny Law will be barking at your tail and it will take more than one lucky reload to keep him out of kicking distance.

Getting Started: Choose Your Escape

Written by Robert Revolver

Never Been There: 13 Sordid Tales of Morbid Curiosity

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